All Year eBiking - More then Enjoy.

Pure pleasure is more than eBikes represent. Explore the 3 countries from the starting point in Slovenia. The tours offer unforgettable moments of the ride across the most beautiful spots of the northern Adriatic Coast. The eBike tours, ranging from 100 minute to a couple of day long trips, run through the unspoiled nature, Landscape parks, historical places with the delicious food and wine tasting. In "BOOK IT"; you can book one of our tours. It is possible to organize unique tours according to the wishes of each individual, groups or eBike team buildings.



Enjoy eBiking - Piran - Slovenia

Best spots in 3Countries in few hours.

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All year long

The perfect climate of the Slovenian Istria enables the whole year cycling. By means of eBikes this becomes even easier. From January to December, cycling along the Coast, Slovenian Istria, Karst and further to Croatian Istria for a lunch or to Italy for a cup of coffee is possible by an eBike. Enjoy with eBikes all year long.

A small snack and a glass of wine.

Taste the natural gifts of Istria which the hard-working locals prepare for our eBike tours. There is something for each and everyone of you!

History and nature

By means of eBikes we will escape to remote parts of the nature from the old city centers full of sights and the tourist bustle.

Accommodation and eBikes

This tour offers from 2 to 5-day eBike tours with the breakfast in the accommodation. Lunch and dinner you can have in various local restaurants.



Hostel Panorama Portorož

Make your price for your stay on Slovenian coast.

eBike to Rent - Portorož.