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Idyllic eBiking past salt pans of Sečovlje across the forgotten valley of the river Dragonja and the mountain tops of the Slovenian Istria with outstanding views.

Plan of the tour:

  Hostel Panorama Portorož - meeting point
  Introduction of the tour
  eBike instructions
  Portorož - the flower town
  Sečovlje salt pans
  The valley of the Dragonja river
  Rojci, Pomjan, Šmared
  Time for the Istrian snack
  Križišče, Gažon
  Šared, Malija
  Wine and food tasting
  After tour - relaxing on panoramic garden

Istra electric biking tour.
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In detail

This longer and medium difficult tour starts at the most beautiful viewpoint on the Slovenian Coast. From here the road goes downhill to Portorož and joins the Paranzana cycling track. eBiking across Paranzana and the Cape Seča past the St. Jernej's Canal and the salt pans of Sečovlje to the Sečovlje border crossing. The tour continues between wineyards and olive plantations of the valley of Dragonja river in the beautiful peaceful surroundings and up to the villages Rojci and Pomjan. Here the road straightens a bit. The road stops for an Istrian snack in the village Šmarje and continues through Križišče, Gažon, and Šared. Some short stops will be made in order to enjoy in the beautiful views. Then the road leads you from Šared to Maliji and back to the starting point. This tour is further described below. See you at the point of many views

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Rucksacks snack NEW €5

To make your eBiking easier we prepped a fresh snack for you.


Free pick up from Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Lucija and Seča.

Pick up Surcharge from €7

From other points is pick up from €7 per person / minimum 4 participants.

Individual Surcharge Request

For individual tour under 5 person.

Piran Parks

Piran Parks

eBikes make the ascents from the Landscape park Sečovlje across Malija and to the Nature Reserve Strunjan much easier. But first the visit to Piran's Tartini square is on the agenda.

Piran & Strunjan

Piran & Strunjan

A mixture of nature and Tartini town. eBiking along the two most beautiful parts of Slovenian coast with the Moon Bay sightseeing. See you at the point of many views. See you.