With eBikes - Trails of tradition

The smell of the sea, salt and pine trees will accompany us through the waves and through the paths of Istrian local food produced with the hands of our farmers and fishermen. Electric bikes and a wooden boat will help us move around more easily.

Plan of the tour:

  Tartini Square Piran - the starting point
  Greetings with the Salt Flower
  Tour introductions
  A quick tour of Piran
  Boat rides and everything about fishing
  Fishing snack
   Walk through Strunjan salt-pans
   Visit Giassi Farm
  Artichoke plantings - spring
   Plantations persimmon - autumn
  Traditional homemade farm snack
  Electric bike picking up
  eBike instructions
  Parenzana - former railway line
  Forma viva – unique stone sculptures
  Visit the olive grove and help with tasks
  Tasting olives and vegetables
  eBiking along the Jernejev channel
  eBiking through Lucia and Portorož
   Arriving at All Year Panorama
   Tasting local wines
  After tour - relaxing on panoramic garden

Active day with 5-Course Food Tour

Gourmet Food 

Active day 

Electric bikes 

Hidden spots 




Istrian villages 

Istrian towns 

Traditional Meal 

Karst prosciutto 


Adriatic fish 

Local wine 

Istrian local expirience with Electric Bikes.
All Year electric Biking experience


In detail

Guided, 7 to 8 hours quided experience in company with local farmers and fisermans. Active electric biking between different local farmhouses with helping on farms and tasting traditional goods from the garden, fields and trees direct to our plates. Sailing with an old boat and the support of fishing and tasting of local fish dishes. The best local guided experience, that gives you the whole picture of the local pulse.

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Rucksacks snack NEW €5

To make your eBiking easier we prepped a fresh snack for you.


Free pick up from Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Lucija and Seča.

Pick up Surcharge from €7

From other points is pick up from €7 per person / minimum 4 participants.

Individual Surcharge Request

For individual tour under 5 person.

Piran & salt-pans
Best spots

Piran & salt-pans

Piran & Saline tour is one of the most coveted and most wanted tours of the Slovenian coast. We will visit all the best spots in 3 hours with a professional eBiking guide. See you.

Piran & Strunjan

Piran & Strunjan

A mixture of nature and Tartini town. eBiking along the two most beautiful parts of Slovenian coast with the Moon Bay sightseeing. See you at the point of many views.