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eBikes make the ascents from the Landscape park Sečovlje across Maliji and to the Nature Reserve Strunjan much easier. But first the visit to Piran's Tartini square is on the agenda.

Plan of the tour:

  Hostel Panorama Portorož - meeting point
  Introduction of the tour
  eBike instructions
  Piran – the Tartin town
  Portorož - the flower town
  Sečovlje salt pans
  Malija – Istrian village
  Šared – gorgeous panorama
  Istrian snack
  Nature Reserve Strunjan
  Wine tasting
  After tour - relaxing on panoramic garden

Piran, Strunjan, Sečovlje sald pans  and Forma viva.
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In detail

This tour is for all those who want something more. We meet at the highest point of Piran and Portorož with outstanding panorama. After a descent to Piran and some short stops at the church of St. Jurij and Tartini's square, the tour continues through Portorož and further to the Landscape park of Sečovlje where you can visit the Piran's salt pans. Medium-difficult panoramic ascent to Maliji will end with a stop for a snack and some wine tasting.  From there the road goes downhill to Strunjan valley and on the Parenzana track. This road then brings you to the Strunjan Nature Reserve across Pacuga and back to the starting point. Piran & the parks tour will be described in detail below.

  The tour presentation: participants get basic information about the tour – which sights will be seen and how the whole tour will look like. You will be acquainted with the rules of riding an eBike in a line, on the main road and on the cycling tracks.
eBike instructions: include basic information about what an eBike is and how does it work; on which things a cyclist has to pay attention when riding an eBike and the test ride.
  Very important: the ability to ride a bike is necessary.
  Piran: from the starting point the panoramic ride goes across Beli Križ past Piran's wall and to the church of St. Jurij where the tour stops for a short break. Then it continues through hidden  narrow streets to the Cape Madona and further to the Tartini's square.
  Portorož: a small surprise waits for you in Portorož after a ride through Bernardin and past the warehouses of salt.
  The Landscape park Sečovlje – Piran's salt pans: joining the Parenzana track across the Cape Seča, gardens of cactuses you will come to the entrance of Sečovlje salt pans cycling by St. Jernej's Canal. Here you will have some time for salt pans sightseeing, museum and for the purchase of salt flower products.
Malija: eBikes will ease the ascent to the Istrian village above the seashore. Panoramic ride with beautiful views on the coast and Istria will be quite stimulating. The road straightens after the ascent on 278 metres. In Malija you will  make a short rest, do some sightseeing of the old town part of the village with two parallel lines of houses and then again you will hit the road.
Šared: the panoramic road from Malija to Šared where a short stop will be made for a snack and a drop of vintage wine Refošk and Malvazija. From here one can admire outstanding views on the entire shore of the northern Adriatic along with Friuli, Karst and higher situated plateaus and mountain ranges in the background, such as, the Dolomites, the Krn and Julian Alps, Nanos, Vremščica, Čičarija with Učka, and Snežnik. After a snack the road goes down the hill.
  Parenzana:  joining the Parenzana cycling track in the Strunjan valley the tour takes you amid mediterranean gardens, olive and persimmon plantations, and wine yards.
  Nature Reserve Strunjan: the ascent to the Strunjan's Cross with the view on Moon Bay and the cliffs goes past Strunjan salt pans and the church of Marian apparition. eBiking between Strunjan's beach and the only Sea Lagoon Stjuža follows. Then the road leaves this unspoiled nature of the Slovenian coast, goes past the fishing port and across the Canal
   Pacug - Beli Križ: the final part of the tour goes uphill through Pacug and Beli Križ and back to the starting point. While cycling uphill you can admire the views on the Slovenian coast and further to Italy and the Alps
  Wine tasting:  after the tour each participant deserves to try a glass or two of the wine from the village Šared.

  After the final part of the Piran& the parks tour you will not be rushed. We offer you the possibility to rest and enjoy in the greenery of our large mediterranean garden. See you.

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Rucksacks snack NEW €5

To make your eBiking easier we prepped a fresh snack for you.


Free pick up from Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Lucija and Seča.

Pick up Surcharge from €7

From other points is pick up from €7 per person / minimum 4 participants.

Individual Surcharge Request

For individual tour under 5 person.

Piran & salt-pans
Best spots

Piran & salt-pans

Piran & Saline tour is one of the most coveted and most wanted tours of the Slovenian coast. We will visit all the best spots in 3 hours with a professional eBiking guide. See you.

Piran & Strunjan

Piran & Strunjan

A mixture of nature and Tartini town. eBiking along the two most beautiful parts of Slovenian coast with the Moon Bay sightseeing. See you at the point of many views.