Explore - the city Piran & salt-pans.

Piran & Saline tour is one of the most coveted and most wanted tours of the Slovenian coast. We will visit all the best spots in 3 hours with a profesional eBiking guide.

Course of tour:

  Hostel Panorama Portorož - meeting point
  Introduction of the tour
  eBike instructions
  Fiesa & cliffs
  Charming town Piran
  Portorož - port of flowers
  Suprice stop
  Forma viva - unique stone sculptures
  Salt Pans - 700 year old with traditional tools
  Local food tasting
  Local wine tasting
  After tour - relaxing on panoramic garden

Piran and sald pans guided electric biking tour.
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In detail

Time is our enemy and we would like to see as much as possible in short time and have time to chill. With this tour we will visit the best spots on your trip just in 3 hours. Arriving and finish point is on the head of Piran and Portorož. The hill is visible from everywhere bout is hidden even from locals. From here you will have view to all our tour, Croatia, Italy, Alps, Dolomite and mach more.After you take first photos and enjoying panorama we will start with a coffee and our tour. The following is a detailed description of how we started the tour and what we saw on the tour. Take your time and enjoy the visualization of your tour.

  Introduction of the tour: first we will give you basics information about our tour. What we will see and what we will do. We will show you the rules of eBiking in the column, on road and cycling trails.
  eBike instructions: presentations of eBikes. Haw they are working. On what you needed to be care. Trial driving with eBiks. Important is that participant must be able to ride a bike.
  Fiesa & cliffs: after introduction and instruction we will make short & easy panoramic eBiking on the top of the hill. On one side we will see to Trieste and on anther side over salins pans to the Croatia. Then the downhill through the Beli Križ to Fiesa. Fiesa lake has tiny border with Adriatic see and is one of the nicest beach on Slovenian coast. The way to the Piran will let you under the cliffs.
  Charming town Piran: we will ride direct to famous Santa Gorgas Church. There we will have time to make a nice photos of Piran or visit Church bell tower. Thru the tiny street around Rt Madona to the Tartini square wit brake for take a short look.
  Portorož - port of flowers: on the coast thru Bernardin to Portorož central coast where will waiting us:
  Surprise stop:)
  Forma viva - unique stone sculptures: after surprise stop we will go to Lucija and up to the small hill with collection of stone sculptures under the open sky. Sculptors from over 30 countries and over 120 stone sculptures, the majority of which stand in Seča Park, while some are also in the parks of Koper, Izola and Piran.

  Salt Pans - 700 year old with traditional tools: the Sečovlje salt pans are today the largest of the coastal marsh wetlands (650 hectares), and at the same time, the most important Slovenian locality from the ornithological point of view. The variety of bird species in this area, from the aspect of nesting and wintering, is much larger than in any other comparable locality of its kind. The production is still the same as 700 years ago and salt and salt production are well known. It will be time to bay some goods in a local shop and make a photos of pans.

  Visit Salt museum: is an optional and can be part of tour.
  Testing local wine and food on panoramic point: from salt-pans we will go up to start point and finished our trip with testing of local wine (refošk&malvazija) and best local food (Kraški pršut, vegetables and chess). After trip you will have option to chill out on a best panoramic garden:)

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Rucksacks snack NEW €5

To make your eBiking easier we prepped a fresh snack for you.


Free pick up from Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Lucija and Seča.

Pick up Surcharge from €7

From other points is pick up from €7 per person / minimum 4 participants.

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For individual tour under 5 person.

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Promo Piran

It is an attractive, easy tour which offers sightseeing of Slovenian coast in less than 2 hours and most of all, participants love it. This tour can be made at sunset as well. See you.

Piran Parks
Best spots

Piran Parks

eBikes make the ascents from the Landscape park Sečovlje across Malija and to the Nature Reserve Strunjan much easier. But first the visit to Piran's Tartini square is on the agenda.