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By means of an electric bike we can escape to the fresh air into the nature far away from the computer, work and other obligation. For eBiking you do not need any extra physical condition.

The decision to change something in my life brought me to the idea of eBiking where I can spend my free time with my family and at the same time being in nature. This is something what I have wanted for the last couple of years and I believe is the right thing for you as well.

A part of such life can be experienced by eBikes on our tours along Slovenian Coast and Istria to Italy and Croatia. The good side of eBikes is the reduction of carbon dioxide, cars on the road, towns and parking which is a big plus for the environment. Ebikes are fast, easy to use and in a way a hybrid among the electrical power engines and human force which can take us even to some remote places where a car cannot. Ebikes are especially useful for those individuals who are not brave enough to start cycling but the electrical power on our bikes will help you to overcome your fears and take you up and down the hills adding extra power when you start losing it.

We are a family run business and we have been in tourism for quite some time. Since 2015 we have rented a hostel Panorama Portorož which is located on the most beautiful panoramic point above Portorož, Piran and Strunjan. The perfect location of our hostel (a point with many views) is the reason for the idea of eBiking all year long. We are in the centre of all coastal towns with the beautiful views on Italy, the Dolomites and the Alps, Slovenian and Croatian Istria and Karst region. The starting point is at our hostel and ends with delicious food and wine tasting.  All this and more you can have with our product ''All Year eBiking'' so quickly book your tour end join us in this great adventure.


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To make your stay as pleasurable as possible, we have a range of rooms right from the budget ones to the luxury five star hotels.

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We also have an arrangement with a number of sport company's with best trip deals. Contact us and we will get the best for your request.

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Would you like to be active all year. Then you are on right side. Contact us and we will provide you the best all year active options with suitable accommodation.



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