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Are you a group of friends or co-workers and you wish to try something new and unforgettable then the eBiking is the perfect adventure for you.

  Trieste (I) - City of the coffee

  Muggia (I) - Nice small town

  Buje (CRO) - Tartufi town

  Grožnjan (CRO) - The city of artists

  Umag (CRO)- All colors of Istra

  Brtonigra (CRO) - Mysteriously city

  Saudrija (CRO) - Chill spot

E-Team building

E-Team building is one and the only with the electric bikes. E-bikes follow the saying ''in cooperation is strength'' where the technology and man’s power go hand in hand. All successful companies, clubs and associations are well aware of this fact and the reason we offer you such socializing is to strengthen you as a group.

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If you are a group of friends or co-workers and you wish to try something old fashioned with the touch of the modern life then choose one of our eBike tours. In case none of them suits you, contact us and we will prepare something unique for you according to your wishes. The time span of different tours ranges from 100 minutes to couple of day tours. Contact us!

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Extra option

If none of our tours meet your expectations, send us your wishes and we will do our best to fulfil your desires.  However, romantic eBiking with a stop for a picnic in nature or a combination of a tour with an eBike and the small snack on the boat is just one of our suggestions.

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