Food and wines of Istria -

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Istria is the home of well-known wines Refošk and Malvazija which go well with Karst Ham and fish from the Slovenian Sea. Delicious food and wine tasting is included in our eBike tours.

  Bobiči - homemade food

  Fudzi - pasta

  Olives - the fruit of nature

  Asparagus - healthy wild vegetables

  Truffles -perfect for gourmands

  Figs - fresh or dried

  Fish -a light meal

  Karst Ham - delicious smoked pork meat

  Refošk -the king among red wines

  Malvazija - white wine of the Coast region


Delicious food from the mainland

Traditional Istria dishes are mainly boiled. One can enjoy in local seasonal vegetables, wild vegetables (asparagus and truffles), sausages, Karst Ham and olive oil. The popular dishes are bobiči, fudži and gnocchi with various sauces.

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Delicious seafood

In the Coast region one can try Sea specialities offered by the Adriatic Sea. The interesting thing is their preparation. These dishes can be prepared in padela (in a pan) or under ‘’črepnjo'' (the cover for baking with hot coal). Fish ‘’brodet’’ (fish stew), marinades and similar dishes are definitely worth to taste. A glass of a good wine is a must with fish specialties.

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Top quality wines of Slovenian Istria are a combination of old tradition and modern winery. The rich tradition of Istria winery goes back to the Roman times for over two millenniums. The wines, such as Refošk, Malvazija and Rumeni muškat, are autochthonous Slovenian kinds of wine which guarantee you the unforgettable tasting.

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