The Sights of Piran - worth seeing, fast and simple

In a short span of time one can visit the most popular sights of the Slovenian Coast. The tours can last from 100 minutes to 3-hours including the local food and wine tasting.

  Piran - Charming old Slovenian city

  The salt pans - 700- year old tradition

  Portorož - the flower city

  Strunjan - the Landscape park

  Fiesa- the Coast and the Lake

  Cliffs- the wonders of nature

  Forma Viva - outdoor art

  Parenzana - the past of the present moment


Piran and Portorož

Piran is the Mediterranean pearl with the rich cultural heritage located on the Cape of Piran peninsula. Tours lead you past the wall and the church of Saint George, along the narrow streets and lively squares to the Tartini’s Square. Then it continues along the Slovenian Coast through the town Bernardin and past the warehouses of salt to Portorož with a 100-year old tradition of tourism. Here a scoop of ice-cream refreshes you.

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The salt-pans of Sečovlje and Forma Viva

Cycling runs along the famous bicycle track Parenzana through Forma Viva, full of rocky sculptures, which can be found on the outdoor Mediterranean scenery. The way goes further across the Cape of Seča by the Canal of St. Jernej to the famous salt-pans of Sečovlje where salt is made by means of salt flower for 700 years.

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Fiesa and the Landscape park Strunjan

Fiesa is surrounded by hills and known after two freshwater Lakes from where one can take a couple of minute walk under the cliffs to Piran. The Landscape Park Strunjan, Pacuga and the salt-pans are definitely worth seeing. At the end there is the only Slovenian Sea Lagoon Stjuža and the tour leads you further to the cliffs. The Strunjan’s Cross offers some spectacular views to Italy.

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