Slovenian Coast - places with a strong impact

Parenzana with its narrow streets is a great place for cycling. Each street can take you into the hidden and untouched corner of nature offered by the Slovenian Istria.

  Piran - a charming town

  Izola - fishing town

  Koper - the town of contrast

  Portorož - the touristic place

  Lucija - suburban settlement

  Ankaran - the settlement near the border

  Sečovlje - salt-pans region

  Strunjan - natural heaven

  Jagodje - the hinterland of Izola

Piran and Portorož

Piran with its rich cultural heritage is seen as a Mediterranean pearl on the Cape of Piran penninsula. The narrow streets lead you from the church of St. George to the famous Tartini’s square. Other places to visit are Bernardin, a stop for ice-cream in Portorož, Lucija and Sečovlje. Here you can find a lot of attractions which leave a strong impression.

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Izola, Jagodje


The church of St. Maver lying on the highest point in Izola gives it the distinctive feature. It is an old fishing town known for wines and olive oil. This makes it a different and unique town. The settlement Jagodje with the Simon Bay has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Slovenia Coast.

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Koper, Ankaran

Koper or, in other words, the main town of Istria is one of the oldest Slovenian coastal towns. One gets the impression it is sometimes overlooked. It diversifies from other towns by strolling along the narrow streets past the imposing palaces, big shopping centres, and monumental architecture of this old town. Nature Reserve Škocjanski Zatok  is considered as the largest wetland Nature Reserve in Slovenia. It offers the combination of pure nature and interesting architecture. The nearby coastal town Ankaran is located at the south end of the Muggia Peninsula or Ankaran Peninsula with quite a few of health resorts.

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